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Finding Feisty Fungi in Antarctica
Scott and Shackleton's huts are being attacked by wood-eating fungi that no one thought existed in Antarctica, a continent that's been treeless for millions of years. Robert Blanchette of the University of Minnesota discovered the fungi, and is helping preservationists fight them so the historic huts remain intact.
May 2009

Cold Comfort
Scientists travel to Antarctica to study penguins, seals and ice. But there's another experiment going on: Take 1,000 independent-minded people and cram them together for five months at McMurdo Station, one of the strangest, most fascinating communities on earth, and watch what happens.
The American Scholar
Summer 2008
Mixed among the elite voices at the Lyric Opera of Chicago are teachers, advertising executives, doctors and the theater's security guard. They're supernumeraries, otherwise known as non-speaking, non-singing extras.
Chicago Tribune Sunday Magazine
March 11, 2007

Teens sentenced in slaying of Dartmouth professors
The first teen-age killer stood stone-faced in the courtroom. The second shook and wept as he struggled to express his remorse. The two brutally killed a Hanover couple while robbing them of $340.
The Burlington Free Press
April 5, 2002

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